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MAKO!! Your child’s free computer is probably letting perverts directly into your house.

Lenovo computers are banned by intelligence agencies in Europe and America because the Chinese are using them to spy on people.

The laptops are built so that another person can access your computer without your permission or knowledge.

In fact, China is using all of its technology to spy on everyone, INCLUDING ITS OWN PEOPLE.

But still for that Caribbean governments elected to ditch Hewlitt Packard and buy Lenovos for our kids because they were cheaper.

If they wanted cheaper they should have bought the X-O laptops and tablets which were designed for kids in schools in underdeveloped countries. But the leaders of the Caribbean used price as an excuse to fall into the arms of China. They let Guyana become a base for HUB 79, the Chinese cyber-hacking army that works to gather personal and private information for the benefit of the Chinese economy.



XO Laptop – spyware free! Buy Me! Bu Me! Awa! We gone buy maji with malpop software that will expose our every saloptay…

The Chinese have no ethical problems with hacking their own people, far less Caribbean leaders and people.

But there is another sinister danger lying beneath the School Laptops Spy Scandal.

You see, if others can enter your kids computers without their knowledge, then international pedophiles may already be having a field day.

The question the governments of the Caribbean now have to answer is: HOW DO WE PROTECT CARIBBEAN CHILDREN FROM CYBER-PEDOPHILES?


She thinks this is cool and harmless. But to pedophiles, it’s softcore porn.


You have to read this: An insight into child porn

It’s like the confession of a child porn producer from Eastern Europe. He details the nexus between Child Porn, credit card fraud, identity theft and hacking. From his POV, the most dangerous child porn is not produced by studios. It is produced by parents and relatives, who use the internet to glorify their abusive disease.

But something else happened when we gave children camera phones and webcams. They started making and sharing their own porn. What the kids didn’t understand was that once you share a naked selfie once, you have lost control of it. No matter how much you trust the other person, you can’t control who gets the photo next. It might live on a stranger’s computer for years and once day when you least expect it, it will come back to haunt you.


It was all so harmless before the Mako-hackers made it into something sick. Now her selfies are branded and sold on porn sites.

Ask the ‘Chan’ girls, Stickam girls and Omegle girls. They thought it was cool to share their nakedness on the internet as teenagers. More than a decade later, many of them are social disasters because of a harmless mistake repeated over and over.

They can never live it down.



Porn producers and pedophiles have shared, hoarded and profited from the girls’ selfies. Naked or not, there are sites dedicated to sexualizing underage girls. Without your knowledge, they rape you daughters’ facebook and instagram profiles. Thanks to China, Lenovo and Caribbean governments, they now have easier access to EVERYTHING on your child’s computers.

Do not be surprised if, in a few years, there is a deluge of Caribbean jailbait porn the way there was a flood of North American and European stolen selfie underage porn in the mid-2000s.

It’s normal for kids to masturbate.

In the age of webcams, it might even be normal to masturbate on the internet. It could possibly have a positive effect on health and values if played out right. But when perfect strangers from halfway around the world can access your teenager’s personal sex life, you have a VERY BIG PROBLEM. And apparently, your governments are playing it down as though everything is cool.


(They’re grinding our youth down to powder)

Laptops for kids.

It’s a great idea. It’s the only right thing to do. It’s so simple. And yet:

Yo fair poud epi un bon l’iday. Yo fair manjay cochon epi zaffair yish nou. How did we totally decombwilay that?

Simple answer:

We didn’t get the X-O laptops, which are designed specifically with children in mind. The X-O is more durable than a regular computer, can run on electricity, solar or a hand crank, can provide wireless for other computers and do everything a Lenovo can do, except better.

There are only two major differences between the X-O and the Lenovos that Kenny and company bought for your kids.

One: The X-O doesn’t bother buying licensed software. It uses a lot of freeware that actually encourages the user to learn more about the computer and the internet.

Two: As a result of using freeware, the X-O costs less than EC$1000 a piece. The Lenovo’s cost almost two grand a piece. Which is like paying twice as much for something less durable and less useful.

But what do you care?

You knew they were old school tax and spend communists when you hired them.

What you want to know is this: IS YOUR CHILD’S LAPTOP INFECTED WITH SPYWARE?

Me too.

Me too.

FINALLY: This is an appeal to anyone who can test spyware to contact me. Let’s run some independent tests to see if we can detect the spyware on the Lenovos in our schools, without relying on the government for more lies.




Here are some sick links if you want to know more.

china spy laptop

So they’re not just frying rice..some of them are here to spy.


Innov8tiv featured an article about an alleged espionage activity by the Chinese government through the supply of Lenovo laptops to Caribbean government officials. Following these concerns, certain amateur radio organisation in Trinidad and Tobago has run some tests on the computers supplied by China and has confirmed that indeed these computers have malicious software installed in them.

Julien Dedier, chairman of the board of directors of the Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Radio League (TTARL) wrote a letter to the president of the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA). The letter stated that TTARL’s intelligence group have conducted some investigations and testing on several computers supplied to Trinidad’s school children in the period between 2012 and 2014.

Dedier wrote, “In layman’s language, the children are being spied upon and at the same time being used as gateway for spying purposes. The compromised computers were sending back information via a backdoor protocol, which is normally used by government spy agencies around the world.”

Some 3,300 of the recently purchased 21,500 Lenovo Thinkpad laptops from the People’s Partnership government were to be shipped to Saint Lucia as part of a government-to-government agreement.

The laptop program by the government of Trinidad and Tobago made the country ranked high among the top countries that have been integrating IT with education.

(LOL, right?)

The Australian and British intelligence service have come out strong saying that Lenovo computers have circuitry modifications and other added hardware exploits that can enable a third party to access the computers remotely without the owner’s knowledge.

PAWNED by china

The COUYONS are well proud of themselves for taking free laptops that report directly to Beijing.


Could China Be Running Espionage Operations In The Caribbean Under The Guise Of Aid?

The following are some Caribbean countries that have benefited from China’s computer donations:

  1. Antigua and Barbuda: 500 laptops from China towards the country’s One Laptop per Child Policy. China also supplied the country with military aid, which included computers.

  2. Bahamas: In September 2013, China supplied Lenovo laptops to the Bahamas Government Information Services.

  3. Barbados: China gave all members of parliament laptops.

  4. Dominica: In 2013, China supplied 6 laptop computers and 30 desktop computers among other computer accessories.

  5. Grenada: It’s reported China supplied computers to the Royal Grenada Police Force.

  6. Trinidad and Tobago: Back in 2011, the government purchased 17,300 Lenovo laptops.

Dennis E Adonis International CyberNeg

Dennis E Adonis International CyberNeg


Dennis Adonis, an author at Epoch Times, wrote that Jamaica and Guyana are probably the leading beneficiaries from China’s investments in the Caribbean. They are also the principal users of largely counterfeit technology from China.

Adonis wrote, “From the computer units used by every government department, to Guyana’s One Laptop Per Family Project, the Chinese government-planted Hubber Spy Worm has certainly given China a firm clandestine hold on every single keystroke, email and communication emanating from the Guyanese government, and even that of its citizens.”

Guyana is said to be the biggest Caribbean economic playground and hub for communication harvesting for China. Unknowingly it is the biggest host of HUB 79; alleged China’s cyber army launched in the Caribbean that is also allegedly backed by the Chinese government. Rabin Seth, a retired Israeli Intelligence officer, told Epoch Times says the function of HUB 79 is to infiltrate the computers of Guyanese government officials, diplomatic officials, military personnel, media house and journalist among other similar units. It then retrieves any and all information that could be useful to China in advancing its trade, economic growth, security and military interest.


  1. This has ben happening for a long time even recently in canada the Chinese were busted gain hacking into a secured govt site.All in the name of profits .The Chinese are the new British French Dutch and Spanish all in one.Its recolonization through purchase.New microwaves playstations and phones all contain spyware.

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  2. This has been an issue for many years and also note that the all computers can be hacked remotely via your cameras , msn handle or even mobile devices … The computer itself doesn’t matter it your internet connection that the most vulnerable .. The issue here is more a social issue in that many females young and old thinks it normal to post proactive photos of themselves anywhere .. FB and Instagram are a wash with kiddie porn by my assessment.. What we need to focus on is our society and mores which are and have been on a steady decline…

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