DIS Flogg



Dis Flogg is not some blog

Dis Flogg is a lion not a dog

Dis Flogg does not chase what they tell it to chase

It hunts

What it wants


Dis Flogg was at first a joke

Something to rap with your friends while you smoke

But now dis Flogg is a problem

Dis Flogg is still funny


Dis Flogg is not joking

In fact, Dis Flogg is too serious



He…he…you know the rest….



Dis Flogg is somewhat seditious

Lying next to libelous

Scandalously slanderous

Dis Flogg should be illegal

Dis Flogg should be shut down

Locked up

Tried, convicted and sentenced

So that nobody ever tries to get any ideas


But it’s too late for that now


Dis Flogg will not be ignored

They’ll wish dis Flogg would go away

Dis Flogg might go away

But dis Flogg will come back

Again and again

It will always be too late to stop dis Flogg



Aa! Eh bien look it! Tweety Bird is a Negmarron, too???


Dis Flogg will be read in conference rooms

Dis Flogg will be discussed in secret meetings

Di Flogg will be hacked, tracked and sanctioned by the NSA, the FSB, Ukraine, Taiwan, China, France, MI-Inifinity

Dis Flogg will being printed out

By the government press secretary

Dis Flogg will be read by the prime minister

Dis Flogg is the new political reality




Dis Flogg does not obey the rules

Dis Flogg knows the rules

And breaks the rules

Dis Flogg is making new rules

Because the old rules

Are for old fools (most of whom are already dead)


And dis Flogg does not tolerate new fools


This promise gives no comfort to these fools

Dis Flogg will be blogging the high and mighty

Dis Flogg will channel Docky, Cockie and Stocky

Reciting lyrics for The Mad Spoiler like a prayer

Singing Rudder’s Mad Man Chant as though it was a holy hymn


Dis Flogg will make you laugh

A deep laugh

An angry laugh

An ironic laugh about something so fucking tragic

That you have to laugh

To prevent yourself from rioting



Dis Flogg will laugh with you to prevent itself from crying

To prevent itself from going mad

To prevent itself from committing suicide

To prevent itself from giving up and becoming one of them


Dis Flogg will conspire with you




Dis Flogg will make up words to tell truer stories

To wire better IEDs of the mind




Dis Flogg is already implying something






And dis Flogg eh even saying nutting yet


Dis Flogg is calling them out

Dis Flogg is telling you more than you would ever know

Dis Flogg is not always right but it is always burning fire


Always burning with the yearning for learning



Dis Flogg is collecting ammunition




Somebody does the right thing

But dis Flogg does not believe they know what the right thing is

So dis Flogg is waiting for the moment


Taking names and numbers

Lowering pots, throwing seine, baiting hooks

Flogg Fishing

We must catch dem! In their MDC!


Dis Flogg is collecting generals and captains and corporals

To build something good

Just in case dis Flogg has to destroy everything bad


Dis Flogg does not beg advertising

Does not seek favor

Does not beg friend

Does not fear man

Does not kiss ass

Does not suck cock


Dis Flogg is tripping

Dis Flogg is smoking too much weed

In an uphill battle to save the economy

Planting seeds of agricultural recovery

In a drug addled, pot-headed, reverse conspiracy theory

Praise Jah. Cos I can't take on the hangover.

Praise Jah. Cos I can’t take on the hangover.


Dis Flogg is smoking a big fat joint

As the Babylon pass by

Dis Flogg is palming the joint

But dis Flogg is not swallowing no fucking roach

If the cops get out of the vehicle and start getting on stink

Dis Flogg is not a human rights abuse victim

Dis Flogg is ready to be a political prisoner

Dis Flogg is ready to go jail

But they don’t want to send dis Flogg to jail

Because that’s more problems in their ass

Dis Flogg is on the list of people who must be kept out of jail

For spurious political reasons

And that’s why dis Flogg must be ready to take a bullet

Without shitting its pants like a coward



Oh no, the hitmen! No wait, that’s the cops. The uniforms threw me off….


Dis Flogg is raining on St Lucia

But dis Flogg cannot fill the dam with water

Until you have dredged the silt of their deceptions from the bottom of your mind

Dis Flogg is dredging you

And pelting you with rain

Drowning your thirst

Making you afraid

That you, yourself, might do something crazy too

Because dis Flogg is like you

Threatening the balance

Tired of the bullshit

Not willing to wait for something to happen

Dis Flogg is like you

It has its own ideas

It has a vision

Dis Flogg has just begun

And it already has a readership of highly intelligent people who do not believe in the evening news and the front pages anymore

Dis Flogg is making them look to themselves for the answers

Dis Flogg is making them think of what they are going to do next

Dis Flogg is sparking off conspiracies

Dis Flogg is inciting self-sufficiency

Dis Flogg is raising the standard of freedom, independence and Negmarron justice


Dis Flogg is making people brave

Dis Flogg is fucking things up

Fucking with the system

And dis Flogg is doing it on purpose

Right now, in this moment


You don’t think you can do

What Dis Flogg has the guts to do, do you

But Dis Flogg is as much me

As it is you

Is you

Is you

Is you


13 thoughts on “DIS Flogg

  1. This flogg will redeem us in years to com. Dis flogg has been sdis flogg is and dis flogg will be. Dis flogg is in the minds of many youts out ther qho are afraid too open up. Dis flogg has fans in the PM office in the clergy in the csa but they are afraid to speak up. Dis flogg has just flogged the system.

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  2. This flogg will redeem us in years to come. Dis flogg has been dis flogg is and dis flogg will be. Dis flogg is in the minds of many youts out there who are afraid to open up. Dis flogg has fans in the PM office in the clergy in the csa but they are afraid to speak up. Dis flogg has just flogged the system.

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  3. as long as dis flogg is not another person who hates a government or the leader of a government and is seeking lure others into hating the government/person with him/her. tired of that shit.


    • DIS Flogg is tired of Labour
      Tired of Flambeau
      Tired of the failure
      Tired of the betrayal

      DIS Flogg thinks St Lucians need to build themselves new options
      DIS Flogg thinks that if the dinosaurs don’t go agree to go extinct quietly, us mammals should run them out of the savanah, for our own self-preservation.


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