That picture is worth at least four thousand words cos  you have t convert the ass from Euro to EC.

That picture is worth at least four thousand words cos you have t convert the ass from Euro to EC.

“Help!” a friend texted me from the Mercury Beach bash, just a few weeks ago. “I’m being raped alive. Tooo MUCH ASSSssss!!!!!!!”

Deep in the ass-infested foam and fun, he was being swept away by the whirlwind that most people now recognize as the rebirth of Aqua Action. He couldn’t see what those of us who were not buried in foam and splashed in brine could see.

For merchants, restaurants, guest houses and small entrepreneurs, the Mercury Beach bash was better than Christmas. Money rained down on them for the entire weekend, non-stop, in bucket loads.

Standing tall over the success, two of St Lucia’s most iconic leaders, Shazi Chalon and Cuthbert Didier.

Both are unconventional. They can make any suit more swag than the next guy, but they are not suit and tie guys. They just make sure they get results. It’s probably the only reason that nobody has shut them down or shut them out yet. They must have agreed.

Better than Christmas.

That was the most accurate description. But there was a more biting description.

The Mercury Beach Bash was better than Jazz.

It spent less money, made more money and thanks to Louis Lewis and company, it had nothing at all to do with the financial black hole called the St Lucia Tourist Board.

Chalon and Didier tried to get the Tourist Board involved. They didn’t really want anything from them but their endorsement.

But Tourist Board disavowed anything to do with the Mercury Beach bash. In fact, they frustrated the process of getting it onstream. They had reservations, they said. After all, boat traffic between Luci and Laba is deeply associated with the drug trade. They didn’t want their name involved in anything that might have anything to do with bringing drugs into the island.

ELG_2339 - Copie

Oh NOOO! DRUG DEALERS!!! Run for your liiiives!!!! (I coming just now. I going and smoke a joint with my partner Pierre on that boat with TOOO MUCH ASSSssss!!!)


RDM means ri de mort, which translates basically into LOL. But I think this is more like a WDM, which doesn’t translate into anything but What de Cordormont!!! (sic). Forgive the misspelling. I’m slightly dyslexic.


Because everyone in Luci knows that drugs don’t come from Laba to Luci. The drug trade doesn’t work that way. It works the other way around. Laba gets drugs from Lucia.

So if the French want to hold a beach bash, believe you me, they ain’t bringing no drugs. We’re the ones who bring the drugs.

Having suffered a huge embarrassment as a result of dissing the Mercury Beach promoters from Martinique, they now have to put on a brave face and pretend like they are doing something good.

So what did they do?

The same thing they do every time, Pinky.

They spent endless money on a trade show.

And they’re so dumb, they posted pics of it on facebook, so people can see them with their fake smiles, standing in front of thousands of dollars in tax payers money that will shortly be reduced to garbage.

And what shall we get for this expenditure?

The same thing we get every time.


No result at all.

Jut Louis Lewis and Tracy Arnold talking about how tourism marketing doesn’t work like that.

Are you still buying it? Are you buying that Tourist Board is worth the tens of millions we spend on them every year?

For more on Tourist Board’s blague, click these links. Some of them are really funny


sltb brochures


  1. This is far from the truth, it started in Guadeloupe where it was banned then went to martinique where permission was granted after 4 years. So the french had no choice but to have it here. Credit shouldn’t be given to anyone local for bringing it here except for Mr Pinkly who is the dealer for Mercury engines. The tourist board, Cutherbert and shazzi have no claim for fame for this one!!!


    • lol. Your email address is hilarious. Talk about creativity.

      As for your in depth and intimate knowledge of the matter, none of what you said takes away from the fact that Shazi and Cuthbert scored big and Tourist Board looked like a big stupid loser after Mercury Beach.

      Why you have to be so defensive about that?
      It’s just a fact of life right now that Shazi and Cuthbert are two of the few people in leadership who get any results at all.

      The rest of you morons are too busy picking pubic hair from your teeth.


      • What dont u understand?? The only person locally that can possibly take credit for bringing this even here is Mr. Pinkly!! Cuthbert and shazi may have helped but its mainly Mr.Pinkly. Permission was not given to Mercury Martinique to host it in thier homeland so they contacted Mercury here which is A1 marine…. Its actually quite simple… Dont see why your sucking dick!


  2. Wow. I really expected better from someone named Go Fuck Yourself Jason Lol. In any case, regardless of your excellent hatesmanship, everything I said was true. Shazi and Cuthbert come out winners, Lucians made money and Tourist Board is still spending like it’s Money for Nothing and The Chicks for Free.


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