SLU TO ST THOMAS via MIAMI: The Lorne Theophilus Legend


kiss my butt

Prime Minister Kenny Anthony and Tourism Minister Lorne Theophilus showing off that they wasted our money travelling to England to do nothing in particular.

Tourist Board has a forty-something million dollar budget. But they never have money to invest in anything that might benefit St Lucia. It seems like bullshit, but there are very good reasons why a statcorp that is basically a slush fund for nothing never has money to invest.
We, uh, kinda, just don’t know what they are, because tourism board’s top dog, Louis Lewis, just won’t tell. National secrets, you know. Like how much they pay for jazz artistes. Confidential. Eyes only.


People think The FLOGG is on Tourist Board’s ass because we are offended by corruption, waste, nepotism and negligence. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.

The real fact is that Jason Sifflet is just jealous of Lorne Theophilus. I mean, if you were a born loser like Jason, you’d be jealous of the ministerial majesty and genius that is Lorne Theophilus, too.

It must be so cool to be the Tourism Minister of St Lucia.

Fresh off an VIP trip to St Lucia Day in England, Lorne is scheduled to fly out to St Thomas next. And instead of going via Antigua, Little Boy Bluecum (or Johnny Bravo, as he is known to his friends) is first classing it to the Virgin Islands via Miami.

That’s right.

Miami, bitch!

I mean, at this point, it’s like John Fogerty wrote that song “Fortunate Son” about Lorne Theophilus.

The recent St Lucia Day affair in England was a triumph for Lorne and his friends in Tourist Board who had absolutely nothing to do with the shut down of The FLOGG Blog.

As always, the British-based staff of Tourist Board could handle everything to do with St Lucia Day. It’s not rocket science. It’s a standard presentation that is the same every year.

This year was no different. In more ways than one.

In spite of having nothing significant to contribute to the St Lucia Day event, the tourism minister, Louis Lewis, Tracy Arnold and others from the Tourist Board got themselves some first class tickets and expensive hotel rooms, nice rentals and other perks.

To help justify the expenditure, they also spent endless thousands bringing the Honourable Kenny D Anthony along for the ride. The Most Honourable One was so grateful that he gave a speech in which he pressed his virgin lips against the hemarrhoids of Lorne and all the unnecessary people at Tourist Board for the efficient and unaccountable way that they blow away tens of millions in borrowed cash.

Lick. Wipe.


So now the recent St Lucia Day was not only the festival of ass-kissery that it usually is….

It was also a day for gratuitous hand-jobbery.

Such faggotry. Such kakalakery.

Such concentrated focus on good government.

What more do we want from the minister of the largest economic sector in St Lucia?


12 thoughts on “SLU TO ST THOMAS via MIAMI: The Lorne Theophilus Legend

  1. why does kenny look so worn out and broken? Is it true that the Pjp faction, which is also the ex-hunte faction, which is in fact mid-old Labour, which is in fact non-seabed selling type of mfkr faction, have laid down the guntlet and asked him to step down?! Is he plotting with the phd faction to stop this?

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  2. Don’t worry you will soon get a bogus press release touting the unprecedented increase in tourist arrivals. That should be enough justification for any joy ride by Pretty Boy Lorne and the tourist board massive. I am up to their tricks. Frankly we have had no increase in arrivals that would cause even an slight uptick in economic activity for a very long time perhaps the last six or seven years. The tourist board have both parties in their back pockets. Have you heard any criticism of the tourist board from the UWP lately? That’s because Chastenet was a failure there and does not have a leg to stand on and Louis Lewis had been good to them when they were in office.

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  3. But the question is: If a RAPE occuured and the RAPIST got awat and became a jet setting minister, is said minister still a RAPIST ?


  4. You are are very interesting writer…and it’s addictive even when a person doesn’t fill like reading…..Great Job. ..keep it the good work……


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