Heee’s baaa-aaack….

In spite of having his show on Choice aborted because no one wanted to watch him rant and shay the letter esh like thish to keep his dentures in, Rick Wayne has convinced DBS to give him a Thursday night show to he can attempt to steal some thunder from Dave Samuel’s popular Mr Chairman.

It will start next Thursday and that, my friends was your spoiler alert.


“Wow, dude, I love your thong. Want to go for coffee after the photo shoot?”

Rick Wayne can’t stand the state of the media nowadays.

After years of fighting for political hacks to dictate the agenda of the political mack daddies, all of the decades of work that he has done destroying true journalism has backfired on him. The hacks now take orders from the macks. And it pisses Rick off, because it means the days of king-making are over, which means that he is over, which was true back when Kenny Anthony first fired him from the Senate, but how was he to know that….

Over the last decade and a half, the once esteemed journalist has blown his credibility on a relentless but failed-filled quest to make Kenny Anthony say uncle. Mistake after miscalculation failed to affect Anthony’s fortunes. Still people believed in Rick, even as though voted Kenny back into office in 2001. But then, a funny thing happened, after Kenny actually lost the 2006 election.


“Mine’s bigger!” “No, mine!” “No, mine!”

Rick did something that would cost him his legacy and his entire public base of support:

All it took was one mistake. During 2006-11 he chose Flambeauz Forty Feeves over Kenny Anthony, even when they were at their very worst, and he knew that international law enforcement was looking for them.

All it took was one long, repeated, chronic, irredeemable error to expose Rick Wayne for the half-baked, long winded, cloudy-thinking writer that he always was.

Poor jab.

If he had just left it all alone and focused on building the careers of the talent around him, like Nicole McDonald, instead of constantly stifling that talent, he might more than Timothy Poleon’s sidekick today.

Speaking of which, you know, Rick is so much of a fag for fame that when Bill Bradley, the famous Watergate editor died, reporters called Rick for a local take on investigative journalism, you know what Rick told them?

“Um, well, you have to call later, because I have to listen to Newsspin….”

No, for real.

That actually happened.

But, that’s for another show. Let us, rather investigate and speculate on the facts surrounding this matter in Rick Wayne’s own style of sensationalism.

hqdefault ricky

This is not a kakalak. It is a hack-a-lack.. Know the difference.

First of all, why would anyone start a show next Thursday, if we’re halfway to Christmas? Perhaps because there are sponsors who are also against Kenny Anthony, who can kill two birds with one stone by sponsoring a Christmas show dedicating to lambasting their worst enemy.

Secondly, why would Rick want to put himself back on television, knowing, as he does, that people don’t want to read his paper, hear him on Newsspin or see him on TV anymore? Why would he do that? If he’s so concerned about the state of the media, why wouldn’t he spend his energy helping to train younger journalists?

What’s that you say? Because he has no energy left, never had any training and because he secretly hates younger journalists unless they have vaginas?

Pa mweh ki di’y….zot ki di’y…

Finally, what does Rick Wayne have to offer than he has not already rehashed, repeated and over-exhausted? Rick talks the game, but when we look at the record, we see that Rick Wayne has been the most powerful journalist on the island in the exact time period when the island got flushed down the toilet. When we look at the record, we see that Rick has written very convenient and selective stories about politics in St Lucia. In fact, during 2006-11, he practically gave the Forty Feeves a free pass to bobol from heaven to hell while he tried to focus the nations’ attention on Kenny Anthony.

What is he going to tell us now?

That Kenny Anthony is bad? We already know that.

That the media is under attack from Claudius Francis and friends? We know that too. The only thing we don’t know is who is going to be watching that show once the Christmas money is over.

Make sure to tune in to DBS next Thursday for Rick Wayne’s new show.

Don’t worry about missing Mr Chairman with Dave Samuel’s because by the time Rick talks for five minutes, you’ll switch back to Calabash.

Oh, and make sure NOT to watch Jason Sifflet on Mr Chairman this Thursday. It’s going  be whack.








  1. ah choo rick carasco! or is leary wayne…….Poor jab…..gasa jason you are like the chrystal ball that chrystalizes……LIke the Hackalacks just keep Hackalacking and u are there give the Hackalack Cacalacks a schlaxing! First you gave the Clawdius a new vaginal lining, and now u just tore Rick Wayne, the great Rick Mfking Waynette a new vulva…or is it asshole? Dont matter now….He he has a new orifice, which he may use instead of his mouth on his new shoe! I need more Jadia Pics……Ive smurged most of what you gave last post…..so more space tooth please?!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • All I have to say is: It’s a vulva. I don’t rip assholes. It’s personal decision I made a long time ago. Also, no space tooth for you. Next thing, you give the girl pearls to wear on Facebook.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. She loves her pearls from rastafarizes. Rick remains a force! If he can deliver the election yellow….then his legacy is intact. If he can stlucianewsonline the star in a hurry he’s good! And if he can rehire you….is dame pearlette a super hackalack? Cuz shortie plays both sides, better than denis springer !

    Liked by 1 person

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