CHASTANET vs PREVILLE: (The Bomboclat Remix)


1 Allen-Chastanet-claudius preville a


2 cha denies 3 chas CrystalPalm20051119C

4 allen-chastanet-hand  richard frederick bomboclat


5 claudius preville5

6 Dr_-Claudius-Preville17 claudius preville4

8 chas king bomboclat


3 thoughts on “CHASTANET vs PREVILLE: (The Bomboclat Remix)

  1. so freddo and king feel that preville will pull them in if he wins? lol! stupid drug baron! stupid drug baron sidekick! WHEN CHASTANET TOOK OVER THE UWP LAST YEAR, IT WAS NOT A WIN AS POLITICAL LEADER….IT WAS A FREAKING HOSTILE TAKE OVER….with the dead political body of richard frederick in the wake of he chastanet hurricane. These mfkrs dont enter contests to loose. Having lost the soufriere seat was calamitous enough….Preville should have bided his time, or played this shit differently. He doesnt stand a chance….but his political future looks bright. Flambeau will take him him in, fit him in that babbonneau sit….and get jadia wet trying to throw shade at him. Alvina is obviously a gonna in that seat.

    All these pics jason and you eh give claw-de-ass francis a single pic? you know de man must be checking the disflogg and floggblog every minute to check if he can sue u for your dreads, cuz he know u broke…lol….or a pack of embassy, cuz u cah buy weed….either who, that boy rapist looking snout and woman beating teeth would do nice somewhere between king and frederick above…..keep rocking on jahson….keep rocking these hackalacks to the core of their cacalacks!


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