Or Is He Hepple & Ti Chas Combined?

hepple scapegoat

Labour bitched about him, Flambeau threw him under the bus. But years later, Tourist Board still sucks and it ain’t Hepple’s fault.

Remember Hepple?

That tourism consultant that Allen Chastanet caused to descend from the sky to run St Lucia’s Tourist Board? Remember how the Labour Party cried tears and foul for every move that Hepple made, until it became clear that Hepple himself made so much more sense than Chastanet that the two of them couldn’t be friends anymore?

Remember Hepple?

St Lucia’s Minister of Tourism Lorne Theophilus was supposed to be something different than Allen Chastanet and Hepple. But hear that:

He’s driving Hepple’s car.



He made them trade in the car Hepple drove to get him a new one.

You think that’s right?

You think that’s right?

In this five year long guava season, Little Boy Bluecum elected to spend more money on a luxury vehicle for himself. It’s not as though he doesn’t have a vehicle, for which he receives a generous travel allowance. It’s not as if he is Never See Come See: he was born rich and never drove anything but luxury vehicles before he got into government.

lorne my daddy

Little Boy Bluecum and his partner Sigz

This brother left university and in no time, he owned a plane.

A plane.

So why did Lil Boy Bluecum feel the need to sell Hepple’s vehicle, the one that his party complained so much about when they were in opposition? Why did he spend money we don’t have on a new vehicle?

For the same reason he blowing away money at a trade show that will probably yield no result.

How much did that vehicle cost the St Lucian tax payer, Lorne? Tell us exactly how you justify that expenditure. And tell us what other expenditures you have been engaged in.

Because we believed you when you told us Allen Chastanet was a spendthrift who blew fifty grand in phone bills away, month after month. We bought that.

So now, you have to report to The Boss, We The People and explain how you’re different than him.

ti chas yeah lorne

5 thoughts on “IS LORNE THE NEW HEPPLE?

    • Amatus Edwards…sigh…have you never heard of TOR or VPN or anything.
      I mean, the whole point of a fake identity is to hide your real one.
      I don’t even know how to explain to you how this works….


  1. Dear Jason, I love your Blog because it is not merely your opinion, but also carries the sentiment of hundreds, if not thousands of disgruntled St. Lucians across every class; perhaps just exclusive of the political class.

    I have an anecdote I have been saving since 1999. When I worked at a photography establishment processing pictures, a gentleman comes to receive his prints. He is beaming with pride, because, you see, he is a contractor, and he was in the process of constructing Dr. Kenny Anthony’s house, which, according to him, is the “biggest house that he has ever constructed”.

    It may not have meant much in 1999, but such an account is even more pertinent in 2014, as the economy of St. Lucia is supposedly in a virtual collapse and Lucians working in the civil service have to take a 5% cut, just to keep the economy alive and our politicians rich.

    The St. Lucian Tourist Board, and by extension, the Ministry of Tourism operates like some ephemeral, omniscient entity that wants to be above standard governmental practice and accountability. When I lived in St. Lucia, I always used to quip that St. Lucian Tourist Board staff behave more like tourists than the real tourists who visit our island. I don’t see what value a trade mission to the UK could possibly have right now. Don’t we have permanent offices in the USA, Canada and the UK to keep our promotion efforts current? What is the purpose of this latest joyride at the expense of a dwindling public purse?


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